Chai Translations

Guomen 《过门》 by priest (danmei, completed, 230k words)
・ Includes translations of the theme songs from S1 and S2 of the audiodrama
No Pollution, No Public Harm 《无污染、无公害》by priest (yanqing, completed, 380k words)An Accident in Broad Daylight 《白日事故》by Gao Tai Shu Se | 高台树色 (danmei, completed, 240k words)
・ Includes a singable translation of the audiodrama theme song
Joyful Tidings at Nan Home《南家有喜》by Tian Tang | 田唐 (danmei, completed, 30k words)Four O'Clock Flower《草茉莉》by Ashitaka (danmei, completed, 312k words)Two or Three Things about Mr. and Mr.《先生与先生二三则》by Gao Tai Shu Se | 高台树色 (danmei, oneshot, 3k words)Quietude《静安》by Ashitaka (danmei, in progress)Like Foam《以沫》 Modu audiodrama S1 theme song singable translationOffering a Bouquet of Bellflowers to the Ghost of a Drowned Man 《献一株桔梗予溺水的鬼》by Jiang Liu | 江流(danmei, completed, 73k words)Welcome Back to My Channel 《欢迎回到我的频道》by Nan Bei Zhu Feng | 南北逐风 (danmei, ongoing)

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